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Ongoing Research

R.V. Agri Corporation has a dedicated research & development, innovation unit. It is constantly working towards the new generation technologies and product development. With a scientific approach, we conduct field trials, experiments and tests on a regular basis. Committed to innovation, safety, effectiveness and product quality, we have world-class laboratories and agricultural research centers. 

Registration Licensing

With over 3 decades of experience and 320 registrations globally, we have a perfect registration team. Our experts possess necessary global know-how in the field. We maintain an extensive presence, based on professional contacts and networking in different countries.


At R.V. Agri Corporation, we have good acquaintance with crop protection requirements. We can customize the products and propose the best practices to meet the requirements, characterized by specific crop configurations, climatic conditions and biological parameters. Also, we keep up with regulatory guidelines common to the agribusiness.

Supply Chain 

We are backed by a global network of manufacturing & distribution partners. Our automated logistics center supplies goods to perfect specifications, given by customers. Also, we keep up with different formulations as well as packaging configurations. We pay great attention to the logistics and fulfillment. It includes: quality packaging, flexibility to meet customer requirements, budgetary terms, exact scheduling, and customer's unique needs.


R.V. Agri Corporation enriches its customers with the rich knowledge and experience. Our global team of crop protection experts includes leading agronomists, entomologists, phytopathologists, chemical engineers, biologists, registration experts, synthesis and formulation experts. They all work together to provide our clients with expert advice on application, suitability & management of the products.